Sunday, 5 February 2012

Birthday Cakes

I'm not the best and envisaging cake decorations in my head - there are some cool sites around for ideas and inspiration. I have no cake decorating experience bar my mother's wonderful advice on what she learnt at classes back in the '70's. So one day, I hope to go to classes and learn how to do stuff properly so I don't get myself in such a state trying to execute a nice finish without proper tools!
Caterpillar Cake - 2008

Teddy bears Picnic - 2009
2010 - Cake toppers make life easy!
2010 - Construction Cake

Shaun the Sheep Cake - 2011 Inspiration from ozcakes (Flickr)

Ballerina Cake - 2012 (inspiration from CakeGirl - Flickr)
Worm Party Cake (inspired by Debbie Brown's book) 2013
A birthday cake for a dear friend - 2013 (inspired by the Sugarpaste Fairy). Tutorial HERE
A cake for my brother - May 2013 (inspired by Lauren Babis) - May 2013. You can see a short run down of the figurine making HERE
A garden cake - July 2013 - inspired by CocoCakeLand
Edible Bunting Cake - July 2013
Dinosaur cake for my niece - Sept 2013 - inspired by Sweet Love Cake Couture

 Amanda's 40th birthday cake - 2013

A pigs in mud cake! Dec 2013

7th birthday cake - January 2014 (inspired by ABlessedLifeAtopACakeStand)
Kiwiana Citizenship Cake - February 2014. (Some elements inspired by Cake Flour Studio).
A 4th birthday cake for a friend's child - March, 2014.
Cake for 3 combined birthday's. March 2014

Cake decorated for Angus. April 2014

A new baby cupcake for Astrid. 2014
A 13th birthday Minecraft cake for my niece, 2015

Birthday cake my for my Dad, 2015.

My daughter's 1st birthday and dedication cake.

Another Minecraft birthday cake

A nice easy treasure chest cake. 2016 Brown sugar for sand

2017. Harry Potter book cake. 10th birthday.

Surprisingly easy hot air balloon birthday cake. 2017

Fondant model of my daughter.
My husbands birthday cake 2017. Toffee Apple Crunch Cake
Lemon Cake with Lemon Curd and White Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing. 2017
Chocolate and Caramel Amazing World of Gumball Cake 2017
Cat cake 2018
Merida Cake for our Merida. 2017
Thomas' Cake 2017

My niece's cake 2018


  1. Stop being so modest Heather. These cakes are amazing!

  2. OMG you are soooo talented! I love seeing the progression you have made each year.. I am totally gaga for the shaun the sheep cake and the ballerina one.. love the new blog :)

  3. Thanks girls! It's nice to put everything up in one place and be able to put comments and things with them.