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Woolly Wonders

I wanted to consolidate all my knitted creations in one place, so here seems a good place. I started knitting when I was pregnant with my daughter in 2006. Eventually she got her first cardie in 2007 and a matching hat soon after. My Mum taught me the basics and YouTube taught me the rest. A few girls from our coffee group started meeting to knit and embroider fortnightly when our babies were a bit older and we decided to start up a knitting group for my local region. One of the girls knew a lady at the local and best yarn store so it was easy to get quite a bunch of women together to knit. The group has grown a lot now and meets weekly.

If you're a knitter or crocheter and haven't seen Ravelry you need to drop everything and sign up. Tons of free patterns and groups to join up with for help. I have learnt a lot here and from the more experienced knitters in my knitting group. With each project I have managed to extend my skill set a little more. I knit for my family and friends and through word of mouth have been knitting sometimes for friends of friends. I like kids stuff because it's quick! All about the instant gratification! I will one day embark upon a project for myself (more than just hats and mittens)!
2006 My first ever project. From Peter Gregory Garter Stitch Classics leaflet. 8 ply.

2008 An aviator beanie to match. Patons pattern.

2009 Skull Cap by Evelyn Skae. 8 ply. My first attempt at fair isle.

2009 My take on a Pumpkin Beanie by Heather Granger.8 ply. First attempt at Intarsia knitting.

2009 10 ply semi felted
Robin's Egg Blue Hat by Rachel Iufer

2009 an 8ply  K574 Jacket from Naturally Yarns

2009 a matching hat from Lucinda Guy pattern.

Another flower toggle hat

Made for an auction - 2009

Another Robin's Egg Blue Hat for my mother in law. 2009

2009 a wavy lace cardigan from a Sirdar pattern.

2009 a wavy lace hat from Sirdar pattern for a friend of a friend's child.
2010 a Lina Beanie (Joko Knits) for hubby in Possum Merino 8ply. My first attempt at cables.

2010 A Milo vest for a friends baby. 8ply NZ yarn from Creative Fibres.

2010 Another Milo Vest, this time with Owl cables for my daughter. Creative Fibres hand dyed NZ yarn.

2010 an 8ply set for a friends grandchild. Louisa Harding patterns.

2010 a matching set for my daughter. The cardigan is a Sarah Hoadley pattern. The hat is a modified (by me) toddler edition of the Banana Republic Knockoff hat.

2010 a Xmas pressie for my wee girl. Pattern by Amy Bahrt.

Another Lucinda Guy treat in 2010. 8ply
2011 a dress and hat for my friends baby. Bluebell ja Rose -kes├Ąpipot Hat pattern by Pia and
Rainbow Dress pattern by Georgie Hallam

Accidental Girly Mitts 2011

2011 a hat for niece with homespun 10 ply yarn from a neighbour

A hat for a friends baby boy 2011.

Some ballet slippers for my little ballerina in 2011.

A Leaf Top Berry Hat for a friends child. 2011. Pattern by by Michele Sabatier

2011 a slouchy skater beanie.
Rikke Hat pattern by Sarah Young.

Whimsical Mitts for me. 2011. Love these and could have sold them 100 times over! Made in 4ply merino. Pattern by Ysolda Teague.

2011 A cotton Spring Beret for me. 10ply. Pattern by Natalie Larso.

An anniversary pressie for my hubby in 2011.
2011 a navy blue slouchy beanie for my brother in law, 10ply. Pattern by Ysolda Teague

2011 A slouchy beanie for a preschooler in 14ply.

A Xmas pressie for my cousins son. 2011. Pattern by Adrian Bizilia

Star Crossed Slouchy Beret 2011 by Natalie Larson. 12 ply semi felted. My favourite hat!

A special cardie for my gorgeous daughter. 2011. Olearia pattern by Georgie Hallam.

A rose. 2011. Knitted to make a hat look a bit more girly. I love the book this pattern came from, it's awesome! 100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet

Owly mitts for my daughter. Pattern designed by my friend Kylie Bates - modified wrists (by me) for girls.
Flower Scarf made in bamboo yarn, sport weight (5ply). Pattern by Robyn Diliberto

2012 - Strawberry Booties for my friend's new little addition.
Converse booties - 2012
Tooth Fairy Pillow - 2012
My 1st jumper knitted for ME! Easy pattern. Nati by Lucy Hulet.
Regina hat available pattern by Carina Spencer - Dec 2012

Emma Tunic - 2012 - Pattern by Jennifer Alexander
Embellishment pattern from Watermellish

Ripley slouch beanie with lace. 2012. Pattern by Ysolda Teague
Pumpkin beanie - 2013- pattern available for free HERE
Semi felted version of Cleckheaton pattern (Hat With Earflaps). 2013
Flora Hat - 2013 - Free pattern linked HERE
Free daffodil pattern from HERE - 2013
Lacy Scarf with Scalloped Purl Trim - 2013 - from Cleckheaton #956, Handknits to Wrap and Adorn
Milo Vest with crochet butterfly embellishment. 2014
Milo Vest [with Tree Cable (Top Down) available on Ravelry for free]. 2014

Camilla Babe sweater with hand dyed and spun yarn. 2014

Wellington Mitts by Rebecca Blair, for my cousin. 2014

Saartje's Bootees for a friend's daughter. 2014

Pumpkin Set for a friend's new baby, 2014. Booties are the above pattern, adapted.

Bluebell Set for a friend. 2017.
Rainbow Dress pattern and Bluebell Hat. 2014

The Emma Tunic (Teeny Sizes) pattern and matching hat. 2014

Das Monster longies. 2014

Baby Booty Boots by Mon Petit Violon pattern. 2014

Leaf Baby Booties by Julia Noskova pattern, 2014

Squashed Rat Bookmarks!! Pattern by Amalia Samios 2014

Victorian Rose Scarf for my mother in law. 2015

A wee headband. 2015

Milo Mitts pattern by Sheryl Greenfield2015

Sweetheart Set: Booties by Patons pattern. Cardie made from a vintage pattern. 2015

Ruffly Flower:
Needle: Any size depending on your yarn weight or desired size. Mine are on 3.5mm needles with DK yarn. Mine are about 5cm across.
Cast on (I used long tail method) 40sts.
Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Purl (you can use a different colour yarn from here onwards, if you want a contrast).
Row 3: #Knit 8, pass the 7 sts on the needle over the 8th st you last knit (just like a cast off). Repeat from # to the end (you should have 5 sts left on the needle).
Cut the yarn, leaving a tail long enough to draw through the remaining sts to make it as tight as you want the flower to be and fasten it.

Mr. Fox Stole My Heart pattern. Scarf for my cousin 2015

Minion hat. 2015

Peace Street Hat for my niece 2016

Hat for my nephew. Pattern: Chemo Earflap Hat by Gabriella Henry. 2016

Fox hat, pattern by by Ekaterina Blanchard. 2016

A Drops Design pattern baby mittens 2016

Dolphin Bay Baby Eyelet Top for my girl. 2016. In bamboo.

Minecraft hat 2016

A Debbie Bliss pattern. 2017

Ava Tunic pattern 2017

True Friend Sweater 2018
An i-cord necklace
Emme's Cable by Pamela Radmacher made for my great nephew.

Joyce by Woolly Wormhead for my daughter 2018

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