Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Garden dilemmas

We built a house recently and oh my goodness, being a Greenie hurts sometimes when you have to tame the wilderness. So our yard is a number of dirt piles covered in weeds and littered with stones from the fill of the foundation. SIGH. So we want an awesome veggie patch (all organic of course) but we need to get rid of the paddock look to start with. Once the fence is fully painted we can level out the land and get rid of the stones (not looking forward to that hand-picking job). Then we are going to try false seed bedding to get rid of the weeds in order to lay some grass (and make a garden).

So I am busy trying to find some cool inspiration for veggie patches, but there's not a lot out there really (online). I thought I would consolidate what I like here however (over time).
From a Home and Garden magazine
From Griyakulo blog - bricks for planters

Great use of space for herbs!
Plumbing pipe for veggies to hang in!
Planter box trio Tutorial

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