Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Valentines Heart Pocket

This can really be used for any kind of gift, not necessarily just for Valentines Day. I'm making this for my daughter and going to put some love heart shaped things in it. Some sweets, a stone I found, some stickers, so love heart shaped leaves - the only limit is the imagination! So I have seen some of these online, first seen on Pinterest but there didn't seem to be any tutorials with them. If you can't sew, you can glue this whole thing together with craft glue (as long as it's invisible). You need a big enough piece of one colour of felt to fit the heart shape here heart template  I am using white for this piece. You need enough to make a little scalloped edge for across he top of the pocket too. So 1 A4 sheet is ample. Then you need another sheet for the red parts. You don't have to use the heart template, you could just use pinking shears. If you want to do a scalloped edge version, here is a template for cutting out the pocket top (the straight edge): PDF Here is the flower template you will need for the back (to cover the ribbon hanger) and for the front (if you want a flower on it). Flower PDF

Print out the flower template from link above. Pin it to the felt background colour of your choice and carefully cut around it. (NB. I had already used the template in this picture for another one).
Cut the heart out of the centre of the template and pin to contrast coloured felt and cut out felt around it.
Rule a line across the heart just above the half way mark and cut the template in half
Pin the half heart on the felt and cut around it for the pocket.
Print out the straight edged scalloped border, pin to felt and cut around.
Pin the scalloped edge to the half heart and trim sides.
Sew the straight scalloped border on to the half heart pocket.
Sew on the handle (on to the back of the back scalloped heart). End off all threads on all pieces.
Put all the pieces together with the handle at the back. Just like picture. Sew together around the outside and end off threads.
Cut out the flower template from the link above. Pin to felt and cut around. Glue with PVA craft glue over the back of the handle where you have attached it to hide the sewing and make it neater. Cut out a small circle of felt in contrast colour to place in middle of flower with glue. You can cut out another one to put on the front if you like and add a button with glue to finish it.
All done!

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