Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Les Fleurs

So I thought I'd go through my old photos of when I was a florist (and after I finished up that idea as a career). Apologies for the crappy picture quality, scanned photos are NOT the best! I loved doing flowers but unfortunately the pay is usually pretty dismal and the hours long = a fair amount of s.t.r.e.s.s not to mention the odd bout of carpal tunnel and frozen shoulders. These days I do wedding flowers for friends as gifts (they pay for the flowers and I save them the mammoth cost of the labour at a florist shop). I also do the odd bit of funeral work for people I know. Weddings are stressful events - trying to ensure the bride and groom get the flowers we've ordered can sometimes be tricky, but thankfully, we seem to get there with something suitably lovely on the day.
Enjoy perusing les fleurs. :)
My friend Rachel's wedding - 2001 from memory. The bridesmaids bouquet.

My friend Amy's wedding - 2001 I think.

My friend Cath's wedding, circa 2001/2002

My friend Rachel's bouquet
A casket spray - 2002

Grooms buttonhole/ boutonniere of Leonidas rose and Hypericum berries
A tear-drop bouquet - lilies, orchids and freesias

A floral tin

A pomander ball

Flowers For Praise - 2004

Flowers For Praise - circa 2002
Calla lily bouquet with bear grass
Oriental lilies, roses and berzillia berries
Roses, eucalyptus, freesia posy
Gerbera and rose with spear grass feature posy
Cake topper
My cousin Rebecca's wedding cake flowers
My cousin's bouquet. Hydrangea, callas, roses, agapanthus, lambsear, celosia
Gerbera wedding - Steve and Claire's.
Flowers for Grandad's funeral - 2011
My own wedding flowers - 2004
My friends Sarah and Greg's wedding - circa 2007
My friend Circe's wedding - 2009
Grandad's casket spray - 2011
My friend Josie's wedding - 2012 (see other post for  more pics)
My friend Josie's bouquet - 2012 (see other post this month for more pics)
Buttonhole 2012

Hydrangea wedding 2012

Josie's bouquet 2012

Ashley's bouquet - 2013 - Oriental lilies and lisianthus

Bouquet detail
Top of the brides bouquet
Bridesmaid bouquet - 2013

Bridesmaid detail
I made this back in 2004, I think, but I just found a pic and thought I'd add it as I loved this bouquet. The photo is terrible as it's scanned. Pink roses with silver leucodendron and pearls.

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