Sunday, 5 February 2012


My darling little papoose has just started school for the first time ever. She loves art and craft and has so much stuff! So some organisation was in order! We got a printer paper box with lid from my husbands work and some nice patchwork fabric on special from Spotlight. Popped the box in the middle (allowing for some extra fabric for lid), then cut a 't' shape out of the fabric with some pinking shears. All we used was PVA glue to stick the fabric up, one side at a time. Before we stuck it all on, I made a little handle for the front and sewed that on. Same concept for the lid with the 't' shape cut then stuck down, stretching the fabric so it would sit flat. For the lid, I also sewed on a label cut out of felt with cardboard stuck on the back. My daughter wrote "crafts" on it. It looks good in our living room and now all her craft supplies are found in the one place for her.
Covered printer paper box
I just had a quick google and found a similar concept to what I did - if you need instructions. :) Fabric covered box

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