Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Achieving balance - a word on happiness and time

I belong to a group of lovely (and very smart) individuals who meet every Sunday morning to discuss the things that matter most in life. There are some very interesting topics and debates! It's our turn to host this week and I decided after just having watched Eat, Love, Pray, that we could discuss "balance"; what it means to us and how we achieve it in our lives.

So I got to googling, as you do for inspiration and came across this post I thought was quite a good way of looking at "balance". The thing that struck me in my own life, is how I felt I was on a certain path (happily single and childless) and then added a hubby and child to the mix and felt I no longer knew myself - for quite some time - and I wondered if I'd ever find balance again. Something the Balinese guy said in Eat, Love, Pray made sense in that “To lose balance sometimes for love is part of living a balanced life.” Funny how things strike you at a certain time and it's like an epiphany! This post HERE is by Adam Khan (an author) and it makes sense about how we are continuously trying to achieve balance then things change and we're unbalanced again! This is key and something we often haven't thought about: "Since you sleep (or should) eight hours a day, you get 16 waking hours every day. You have simply the question: Given your sixteen hours, how do you want to divide it up? Given that you want to be successful, given your desire for a close and satisfying relationship, given your desire for good health and a general feeling of contentment with your life, how are you going to divvy up that sixteen hours?" I also like THIS from simplesapien on keeping life simple. 

For me, balance comes from meditation and mindfulness. Much easier to keep the other stuff in balance when you've trained your mind to recognise  when things are OUT of balance. 

Hope you enjoy the articles.  :-)  Sorry about the strange fonts or colours, I have no idea at all why this post has started adding some strange things in all by itself!

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