Friday, 17 February 2012

A Special Vase

Unfortunately I lost both grandparents last year. Both much loved and such inspirational people. I went back to the old house for the last time before the new owners took it over the other day. I was lucky enough to be allowed to take this beautiful vase home to keep. It's very special since it was theirs.

Some kind people helped me narrow down what it might be (make etc). Thankfully with this new information I managed to track down a lovely man who told me a bit about it. It's a 1960's Shell Vase, pattern #275, made by Dartmouth Pottery (1948-2002) at Warfleet Creek. Dartmouth Pottery made a large number of moulded vases, bowls and planters in different sizes and colours following on from producing traditional Torquay style pottery. Flower arranging was a big hobby during the 1960's in the UK and although the mould numbers go up to the 800's, there only seems reference photographs of about 180 numbered items, so some may be scarce or may possibly be unmarked.

I can just imagine some lovely hydrangeas etc in this vase.
1960's Shell Vase, pattern #275, made by Dartmouth Pottery

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