Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Hydrangeas are in abundance this time of year (even in areas where no one would care if you took some, I'm sure!) and Agee preserving jars are a great (and cheap) way to display them. I just popped a piece of lace around the vase to dress it up a bit but you can use ribbon with a bow or a diamante on the front, a shell and rope, anything! Lisianthus or roses look so lovely in hydrangeas. The hydrangea foliage is good and lasts as well.  Florists usually bash the stems with a hammer (as they need a lot of water and can't take up enough from just the cut at the base of the stem apparently) but I've never had any problems with them drooping. I just cut the stem on an angle and place in shallow, just boiled water, then top up 10 minutes later with cold water. You have to change the water every few days and you should have them last a month.
Use a little hot glue or PVA or just use tape if you want to remove the lace later

I have these displayed on my dining room table in a row (unfortunately I couldn't get the right light for a pic)

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