Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Valentines Day

 Heart Garland

Two posts in one day, I'm on a roll! lol
I thought I should start some valentines stuff for the family. I will add to this post as I make more. To get you started on something crafty - here's a super easy heart garland and it's so easy the kids could help. You could do anything with these garlands, hang them on the headboard, across your front door (if it's short enough), mantle piece, entertainment unit, kitchen bar top etc etc. You could even stick them to each other to make shapes or wreaths. There are tutorials online on how to make these but they're pretty easy to do without one. But here is what I did should you need some help.
Heart garland
Start by cutting some lengths of card, approx the same width, all the same length (I used 1 1/2 sheets of A4 turned landscape (horizontal) to cut).

Start the first one by folding a length in 1/2 then making a heart shape as pic shows. Staple the bit I am holding here.

Fold another piece in 1/2 (I did all of the them in 1/2 in one go to save time - go the production line lol)!

As you go along, the hearts will look like this. Add each folded piece to the bottom of a heart by grabbing the one before it like this picture. (For the second heart, it will already be folded so just slot the fold on the 2nd piece in to its base).

Staple it once the folded bit is on the base of the last bit  then continue as pic above.

Just fold the stapled piece as you did prior, to make a heart.
 Happy Valentines Day!

Rollo Bomb 

I saw some cool lollipops (ChupaChups) covered with black crepe paper and the stick cut down to make it look like a bomb. There were other various versions of the same theme using other sweets. So with this, you can use either Rollo's or Mentos or something that has a nice metallic top to it. 

I got some red paper and cut it so it would just fit around the Rollo tube with a little extra for gluing it on. It was approx 8-8.5cm wide. Cut 3 the same and make sure the height of it comes to just enough to cover the wrapping of the sweets (with the metallic stuff showing out the top). I think I cut mine around 12.5cm tall.
Glue along the vertical edge. You can use double sided tape instead.

Roll the sweets tube inside the paper and stick firmly. Do this with all 3 individually.
Put a black (or something) pipe cleaner around the 3 to bind them together, twist like a twisty tie. Make sure you leave one tail of the pipe cleaner longer than the other so you can cut it for a "wick".
Place the end of the pipe cleaner from the bound bit you just used in the middle of the 3 tubes and bend slightly like a wick.
Cut out a heart (or any shape) around the words (see PDF if you want my template). You can make it smaller by cutting inside the lines like I did. You could use any words; "You're Dynamite", "You go Off!" "You're a Blast", "You're Bombastic!" etc if you want to make your own (I just did mine in Word).
Punch a hole for the pipe cleaner to go through and attach. Give to some lucky person and hang about until they offer you some of the sweets! ;p


  1. Bind with duct tape instead of a pipe cleaner for a real effect...