Thursday, 9 August 2012

Summer Fun Layout

One more down, only three more layouts to go on my daughter's 1st year album! I love these three pics - happy times. :) I used mainly Kaisercraft Fine and Sunny collection for this.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Something Different

I found this cool idea on Pinterest (can't link to it as it seems to go somewhere dodgy instead). I have a heap of old broken antique china, I can't wait to do something with it and this is a cool way to upcycle your old garden tools. Nice way to jazz up an ugly fence or wall in the garden.

Family Mini Golf Layout

I love these photos of my 1 year old daughter joining in on the family mini golf afternoon. Her method of 'helping' was to wait until someone had just putted, crawl on to the green, then steal the ball and place it in the hole. Very helpful - not so much fun when you nearly got it in the hole however and then have to start from scratch (and you're normally not all that good at mini golf)!!