Sunday, 5 February 2012

Shoe personalisation

Here's something for those Mama's whose children go to kindy, daycare, preschool, school etc. If you're child likes to wear "croc" style shoes (they're so versatile!) but you want them to see at a glance which pair are their own, here's an easy idea. I went looking for Jibbitz shoe charms and stores told me they were no longer popular as they were too easily stolen or they cam off. The only ones I could find online were pretty naff.
So I thought of putting buttons on them instead so my daughter could see which are hers at school. She still has her name in them of course! You will have to excuse the dirty shoes, I promise I cleaned them for school! Here's a quick tutorial on how I did this. Find yourself some cool buttons, you can get Smurf ones, smilies, trucks, flowers, etc. Just make sure they have a flat back.
Start by putting your needle (reasonably thick one required) through the top of the shoe (it's easy to get through).
Thread the needle back up through the hole next to it (the one already on the shoe) and thread the needle through the knot (just below it) you've already made at the end of the doubled over thread. This means the knot won't slip through the shoe holes and it's not going to irritate your childs foot by rubbing it on the inside of the shoe. Pull it tight and make sure you have both threads (from it being doubled) pulled tight so no loops occur which could catch when playing on stuff and pull the button off.
Attach the button and sew it on quite a few times so it's secure (round and round through the holes). When it's on, to secure the end, wrap the thread around the button a few times (under the button where the thread is) and then lift the button with your thumb and thread needle through the cotton thread to make a double knot.
Trim the thread and you're all done! Personalised  button "Crocs"!

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