Monday, 6 February 2012

Christmas Cakes

I don't know why I always attempt to ice a fancy Xmas cake when there are pressies to always be finished off, events to attend and my daughters birthday soon afterwards requiring another cake! But my lovely mother always bakes me a cake for Xmas and it doesn't seem like Xmas without it. So we usually ice our cakes together, her and I. I get inspiration online for decorating them.
Xmas Cake - 2007, my first Xmas cake.
Xmas 2008 - my daughter LOVED this one but I had no idea how to use fondant for modelling, poor Rudolf looks like he ate too many cookies!
Xmas 2009
Xmas 2010
Xmas 2011

Xmas 2012 - recipe HERE
Xmas 2013
Xmas 2015

Xmas 2016

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