Saturday, 26 January 2013

Ashley's Wedding

My long-time friend Emily asked me if I could do the flowers for her brother Thomas' wedding. She was paying, so I did the flowers for nothing and she paid for the flowers at the wholesaler. This wedding was to be the NZ edition, they married in Canada recently. I was in touch with the lovely bride, Ashley, via email and we worked out something nice and summery. The lilies had such an amazing scent, they really filled the whole house with perfume.

As usual, there was a bit of stress over the flowers when they turned up. 2/3 of the lilies were fully blown open and the last 1/3 looked they'd never budge open before next Christmas. So we lived in sweaters with the air-con on the lowest setting in the main room, to prevent the lilies dying, the other room had tightly closed lilies beside a heater!! In the end, it all worked out. It usually does, even if some days mean pulling an all-nighter or having to grab flowers from neighbour's gardens (or worse, having to raid the local council gardens - sometimes we even get permission - shhhhh)!

Everyone seemed to love the bouquets.

The bride's bouquet of oriental lilies and green lisianthus - Jan 2013

Handle wrap with a little vintage lace
Bridesmaids bouquet - Jan 2013

Handle wrap

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