Monday, 18 February 2013

Bathing Belles - Art Deco - 2013

While I was absent from knitting group one night, the group unanimously decided that little 'ol me should model an art deco number in the Bathing Belles competition this year. Possibly because I'm so short and it would take less yarn to knit up! Having put 5kg on over Christmas, I was relieved to hear it wouldn't be finished in time. Until last Weds!!!! After eating a batch of cupcakes, thinking I'd have another year up my sleeve, the costume was promptly finished and I was expected to squeeze inside it's tiny parameters. Thankfully the type of yarn (cotton) and the size meant it kind of helped with shape,  I decided if I sucked my tum in I could possibly just pull this gig off - how the heck could I say 'no' after all that effort!

Thankfully most of the knitting girls came down to support this and hold my shaky hand til I had to go on stage. I was so nervous I thought my knees might lock up at one point and they'd have to carry me off like a stiff board. I still can't believe I got roped in to doing this, but I met some lovely people that day.

This was knitted off an original 1920's/ 30's pattern that has been rewritten and published by Jane Waller and Susan Crawford (from the A Stitch In Time book). Handmade by Ruby Atkins.

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