Thursday, 10 January 2013

Worm Party!

As I mentioned in my previous post, my daughter turned 6 and wanted a Worm Party. Here's what we did. We had it in our garage as this year she had a lot of friends and we didn't want mucky hands over all the curtains and walls etc. We placed a tarp over the garage shelving and hung a wormy bunting. Worm balloons on the front of the table and wormy food. All the paper decor were free printables from HERE.

We played Musical Worms. The kids had to be like worms in a worm farm and wriggle to the surface to the music. When it stopped, they had to be perfectly still or the big bird (I made at home out of cardboard) pecked them and they were out. Winner was the one left standing at the end. They won a wriggly worm like this HERE. The other game was a Worm and Apple game. We all know worms love apples. The kids had to place an apple between their knees and jump or run carefully from one end of the section and back without dropping the apple. You could stop and pick it up and continue, but it slows you down. NO holding the apple! This was such a load of fun!
Worm cake. I did the top layer in Marble Cake (vanilla and choc) with a strawberry chocolate cream cheese filling. The lower cake was a rich chocolate cake with choc cream cheese filling. Delicious. I got my inspiration from Debbie Brown's book but made a girl version.

The Food Table (missing the Worm Pizzas which were mini home-made bases with spaghetti on top and a sprinkle of cheese).
These were made out of Rice Bubble Square mixture (Rice Krispies). I used THIS recipe from Chelsea Sugar and only used 3 cups of Ricies so it stuck well. Made in to little sausage shapes and wrapped in fruit leather. Eyes piped on with butter icing.
I used glass instead of the usual plastic cups as we try to avoid unnecessary chemicals in our family. They were just ramekin size. You just make up half the jelly mix and pour in, allow to set then add the worms and the other half of the COOLED jelly mix then reset. So easy and such a hit.
Cheese Worms - just Twisties!
Grape worms with piped on icing eyes.
We made our own chocolate hazelnut spread as we can't find any brands of it that don't use palm oil from sustainable sources. Just used a caterpillar cookie cutter to shape.
Free cup name labels from source listed above.
Bunting from source listed above (free)
Home-made pinata instructions HERE in my previous post