Tuesday, 1 April 2014

3 Birthdays in 1!

I offered to make a cake for my friend when she invited us to a combined birthday party, for her daughter, her sister and dad. I had no idea how I was going to combine 3 themes in one (Amber likes turtles, Preston likes bowling and Sarah (her sis) likes bunnies. I had no time to fully fondant the cake as I had another one to do for my daughter's teacher the following day. So I just used ganache around the outside. I wished I'd time to make some fondant rick rack for around the middle of the cake, but it the mould wasn't behaving and I was quite short on time, so had to leave it.

I made the name bunting flags from a free printable available HERE in a variety of colours.

The turlte is just made from fondant with tylose added for strength.

A great idea for Easter? I made Feijoa and Cream Cheese Muffins in cupcake cases, with a cream cheese icing and 2 little beady eyes from Sun Valley Foods banana choc sprinkles. A pink M&M for a nose. The ears are fondant with pink royal icing piped on to them. I made the fondant part with toothpicks in (for standing up in to cupcake), a few days in advance, so they were dry and sturdy enough to stand up. I made little royal icing "S"s to stick in too.

One little cupcake for a new baby (Astrid), attending the celebrations. I had fun trying my new mould out for the buttons, the other things are royal icing, dried. Mum seemed to enjoy it!

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