Monday, 10 March 2014

Little Birdy Cake

A good friend was recovering from a virus last week , but her daughter was turning 4. She threw together a small gathering and I offered to do her a cake. Thankfully I had frozen a chocolate cake for my family in advance, as I'd been working full-time hours that week and envisaged not having time to bake. So, I whipped that out the night before and made a '4', the name lettering and the bird (so they could dry over night). This cake took me only 3 hours to decorate, so pretty quick as far as cakes go. And the birthday girl loved it, thankfully!

The birds legs are wooden skewers - you need something to touch the cake board or the bird sinks, which is why there are biggish holes in the feet (from learning that lesson)!! The '4' has a tooth pick to stand it up. The letters are made with a Tappit. The birds tail has a toothpick in each feather to hold it in.

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