Saturday, 22 December 2012

Gingerbread House

My daughter was dizzy with excitement when she saw a picture of a gingerbread house in a book last month - she begged me to make one with her. I'm glad I did, but I don't think I'll be doing another in a hurry - quite a lot of faffing about! I used this template and info HERE as it was quite thorough and had lots of pictorials. I'll include a pic of how to ensure the roof stays on HARD as lots of people have issues with the roof caving in or sliding off, especially once it's decorated. My daughter had so much decorating it once the architectural part was set. She at so many lollies she wanted to puke though - lollies are not common in this house!

Advice is to cook the dough a little longer than suggested so it sets firmer. I had to re-bake mine for 3 mins to make it harder. Soft dough = caving in roof! I used the store bought royal icing mix, I just find it easier than using egg whites etc. We also want it to last for eating on Xmas Day. You can keep them for up to a week if wrapped in glad-wrap (cling film).

The front.
The back (by mistake I cut out a door and window at the back too! So I covered the door with a tree).

The ends of a lid from a printer paper box cut off to slide over the platter. 2 books for height and jars upturned to stop the roof sliding off while the icing set. You'll want to place cling film under the platter PRIOR to sticking the pieces together as it can't be moved whilst setting.

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