Friday, 15 June 2012

Tooth Fairy!

Quite a few of the kids in my daughter's class have started to lose their teeth already! I sometimes catch Miss C at the bathroom mirror checking to see if any of her toothy-pegs might just be a bit wiggly. Miss C doesn't like strange new things (creature of habit with a good sense of self preservation!) so I wonder if she may get a bit concerned about having a wiggly tooth when it happens. So, in this event, Tooth Fairy Pillow to the rescue!
Doing faces is not my forte so I was was pretty pleased with this attempt (usually small children run crying from my toys due to their monstrous looking faces). ;) There is a small pocket at the back for a coin.
This pattern is available for free HERE and is written well for those who struggle a bit with wrapped stitches and short rows (like me)! I added the "halo" to make it more fairy-ish and made it girly. I also added the heart just by crocheting a chain stitch through the pocket before stitching it on.

I think she'll like it and I think if she does get a bit worried about wiggly teeth, this will ease the fear and make it a little exciting.

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