Friday, 15 June 2012

Kitchen Gadgets

Our kitchen appears a reasonable size but unfortunately when we built it, we had no idea about how to make it user friendly. Consequently we ended up with food out on the bench, hardening in the sun! We couldn't get any of those funky wire baskets you see in trendy kitchens these days and were at a loss to think what to do with one redundant little broom cupboard. I googled and I searched Pinterest to no avail. So I thought I'd post this here and pin it so that perhaps if anyone else out there feels they've no idea on what to do for a storage solution, this may inspire. Sorry about the mess, we aren't Home and Garden here. :D
These are standard drawers like you see in any modern-ish NZ kitchens. We took the hinges off the original door and the drawers were put on runners attached to the cupboard walls and then screwed on to the door (so that 3 drawers pull with the door and 2 pull out by hand). We couldn't attach all the drawers to the door it would have become too heavy when pulled out. All my teas/ coffee/ drink powders, vitamins etc fit so nicely. You;d not believe the space this has provided, I can get the cereals off my bench and out of my display cupboard and back in the pantry now! All these fixtures can be purchased yourself if you have the DIY skill (Mitre 10 supplies them on order). Otherwise a kitchen/ joiner can easily and quickly install them.

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