Thursday, 19 April 2012

Paper Craft

This is probably as good a time as ever to update my blog with something new - my hubby and I are both sick at home with chest infections and mine is very much beginning to feel like the pneumonia I had last year. Hoping the antibiotics kick it as I am all light headed from not being able to cough it up and get enough breath! Typically it's still the school holidays and one little person is requiring lots of attention, especially as she was sick the entire week prior to the holidays, then had 2 sick parents the first week and now stuck at home still with infections. Over it!

Anyway, thought I would share my scrap-booking all in the one spot. I started scrapping when my daughter was a baby. I wanted to scrap-book the 1st year of her life but mainly just wanted to make the normal black paged photo album into something just slightly more special, without having to cover entire pages with expensive papers. I'll only put up the better ones here as of course I started off with no skill whatsoever - not realising there were a host of inspirational websites available to show techniques and ideas. I was somewhat restricted to flat embellishments too so that they wouldn't damage photos on the other side of the album page.

I will include some of my cards, etc too. Some of these layouts are copied from pics I saw on the internet, some are my own designs and some are inspired by others layouts. Hopefully they provide some inspiration for others too. :) As usual, being a public blog I have had to cover faces for privacy, sorry I know a flower over faces ruins it all a little!

A birthday card for a friend with little photos of special memories of her.

A wedding card 

An advent calendar you can personalise. Find the template HERE

We personalised ours with pics relevant to our daughter.
A canvas made for a family member
I made this bag out of thin scrapbook paper and used an old paper bag as a template. I found a pic I like online and printed it out for the label. You will find a template and instructions for making a bag HERE though.
These cones were filled with red and white sweets for Xmas. I put the sweets in cellophane and tied the top with a Xmas bow. I added ribbon to the tops as handles. HERE is a cone template.
I copied this idea off Pinterest and made templates. If anyone wants a template, just "comment" below with your email addy and I will pass on for you.



This one is very special to me as my grandparents passed away last year.

Kaisercraft Fine and Sunny collection
Alan's 90th birthday card - Oct 2012. Design from HERE

Wedding card - this had a pocket inside for a cheque.
Xmas card designed by me 2012.
Another wedding card - with pocket inside for a koha. 2013
A Mother's Day card inspired by Tarynne Wise - 2013
40th birthday card (based on something I saw on Pinterest) - 2013
Last page of my daughters 1st year scrapbook!
Cards 2013

Pop out Christmas Tree Card - 2013
2013. For my daughter's door.




Free printable DIY card available for personalising HERE
1st page of my 2nd daughter's scrapbook of her 1st year.

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