Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter Activities

If anyone is having an Easter like my family right now, you'll be needing some activities for the kids! My poor daughter has missed out on a few events she was really looking forward to already as she's had the flu now for over a week. My hubby thankfully has had a mild one and is able to help out now again as I feel I am coming down with it too. Add to that a very painful back injury so I can barely move and we've also had a funeral for a lovely little bird. To top it off it's raining. Sigh. Never mind, we are alive! So here are some ideas to keep boredom at bay that I have found about the internet.

Click HERE for a downloadable Easter Hunt game for the whole family. Kids can help assemble it.

HERE is a template for making thee bunnies. We made 2 garlands and decorated one set, my daughter just loved pulling these out again this year and seeing what she made last Easter. We used glitter and feathers, stickers and pens to decorate ours.
HERE is the link to this on Martha Stewart, it's pretty straight forward on how to make by looking at the pic:
HERE is the link to making to these:
You can add children's names and hang on branches in a vase.
HERE is a very simple idea of something quick you can make:
Happy Easter!

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