Sunday, 19 January 2014

A Monster of a Cake

My daughter recently turned 7 and we happened to be away with family at the time. We had a lovely time at the local pools and my daughter asked for a monster cake. I got the idea from HERE. I arrived at my in laws home with only one nozzle attachment for my icing tube which was WAY too small, but thankfully my mother in law had kept some old icing stuff and we found one at least big enough to squeeze the icing through. Had I brought the right sized nozzle, the fur could've been much thicker.

Everyone loved it anyway, especially the birthday girl, so that's what counts. :-) I used my usual Ultimate Chocolate Cake recipe by Annabel Langbein (available online) and her choc ganache recipe for filling. Just used a water/sugar/butter icing for the fur and fondant for the rest. It was easy but time consuming to do the fur. I baked 2 normal cakes then one in a bowl for the top of the head. I wish I'd thought ahead about the bowl cake as I didn't fill the bowl enough with mixture and it didn't quite match the normal cakes in size once risen and baked. But it looked fine anyway. I used Tappits for the lettering.

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