Monday, 2 September 2013

A scarf for Miss 6

My daughter decided her new favourite colour is blue (by the way, that lasted approx 2 months and now it's something else!) and she needed a new scarf. She's unfortunately taken an aversion wearing wool or being near it, (not good news for a knitter!) so I used up some acrylic I inherited from dear Nana when she passed away. She just loves it and feels very grown up (given the looks upon her sweet face when she wears it). I used the Lacy Scarf with Scalloped Purl Trim pattern from Cleckheaton. It's from This Book

There is an error on Row 2 (an every alt row). It should read K2, P3 at the end (NOT P2, K3)! Annnnd, don’t cut the tail after you’ve cast off, you’ll need it for the scalloping part. An easy knit with a little interest. Make sure you block it to get stitch definition, especially if you have issues with scalloping the edge.

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