Monday, 26 November 2012

Novembers crafty goodness

Plain tees are so much cheaper, this one cost me $3. I wanted to make it a bit special. So easy to do, I just used a sml amount of pva glue to place the buttons then sewed them on the next day (the pva just washes away in warm water but do only use a sml amount). Easy peasy.
I also had to patch some favourite jeans (yes I know ripped is in but they were becoming indecent)! I got some of that sticky stuff from Spotlight (for the life of me I can't recall what it's called) and ironed it on to the back of the fabric. Then used pinking shears to cut out the squares, then peeled off the backing of the said sticky stuff and ironed the patches on to the jeans. I wanted to ensure they'd stay on so I zig-zagged around the squares then embellished a bit. I really love them now!
I knitted this tunic for a special wee baby born in Sept and embellished it with the butterfly from Watermellish. This pattern is available on at Pulling at Strings for only US$3 - have a look as her original design is to die for.

And hopefully my cousin doesn't see this hat I have knitted her for Xmas. She's been living in Scotland this year so will be enjoying a snowy winter. The pattern is at Carina Spencer's website and is a FREE download. I'm being brave and actually showing my face!

Last but not least - my daughter has book week at school and they have to come dressed up as their favourite book character. She picked the obvious Strawberry Shortcake. Luckily (for her) I'd just managed to leech blue dye from the lower half of a dress of hers over the top white part when 'Nappisanning' it. So cut the bottom off and attached the red spotty fabric, my Mum's friends had given me, to the bottom. I sewed on the strawberry and diamonds on to a white piece of tee shirt material as there was a big star on the front of the white "tee" part of the original dress. She had a hat already that I tacked green fabric on to the visor of and tacked on a strawberry to cover the flower on it originally and some leaves for the top. I had some leftover white ribbon to sew on. All can be easily removed afterwards. Next I got cheap ribbon hanging about and tacked on around the legs of some old white leggings (that also unfortunately got caught in the same Nappisan bucket with the blue dress)! In hindsight if I wanted a quick easy method (and wanted to spend money) I would've used tape to mask the stripes and sprayed green fabric paint on then removed the tape to get stripes. There is a cool tutorial  HERE if you have money to spend and are not inclined to upcycle.

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